Procurement Services

With over $400k in procurement contracts awarded, MME Works can provide field, janitorial, office, commercial and automotive items for any municipal department.

Environmental Services

MME Works utilizes environmentally safe methods for infestation control, nest removal and ongoing management

Fabrication and Installation Services

MME Works uses private facilities where our specialists fabricate metal, hydraulics, hoses and rubber needs from customization to installation.

Indoor Services

MME Works has Deep Cleaning, Carpentry, Electrical and HVAC experts in our network. Our teams specialize in professional cleaning, custom interior designs, various electrical services, and duct maintenance.

IT Services

We can fulfill your IT needs such as data creating, consulting, communications and training along with project management.

Youth/Corporate Workshops, Events and Performances

MME Works provides Enrichment Workshops, Academic Support, Anti-Bullying Initiatives, Speakers, Indoor and Outdoor Events, Marching Bands and Dance Performances